Food Styling/Photography

An obsessive professional eye, with attention to detail, without down playing the integrity of the product showing it for what it was; for what it is and what it can be, by bringing to light the perspective of the product through the use of extensive props, natural light and your input as the client.

Recipe/Menu Development

If your lacking inspiration, there is a foodaholic in me that will be able to bring your idea from paper to product and then ensure you have is what you need to make it happen

With the ever changing world of menu trends from food dust, powders, flavoured foams and chocolate soils to the world of simplicity there are many of options, variations that could be provided to you, developed and then written in a way that you could understand and then use within your establishment, cook book or everyday life.

Recipe testing

Do you have something that needs to be perfect – give it to me with my background of over 23 years experience and the vast range of different styles of cuisines that have been undertaken in my career i shall be able to test your recipe no matter how complex or simple it is.

With my nerdy like background of food your recipe will become perfect but wont be changed outside your parameters of what you want to achieve.


If you have any questions or would like use the services of Food by Cy please contact us on:

0448 226 125

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