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Food by Cy was born out of my love from taking a food product in a raw state combining this with many a techniques and exposing the inner beauty of food. This inner beauty is then captured and released to the world to see and then undertake themselves – either through taste, production or vision.

How did I get here – I am a self taught chef with over 25 years’ experience in many a kitchens across the world. Working for acclaimed chefs such as Marco Pierre White, Gordon Ramsay, Paul Clarkson and Martin Boetz to name a few – with this experience came many a styles of cuisines ranging from Thai to French to the modern English Cuisine.

Not only have I worked in the kitchens to produce the food but I have worked along side many a food stylist such as Sophia Young, Janelle Bloom and Saskia Hay, who with them came the photographers such as Steve Brown, Ben Dearnley and Anson Smart.

Food by Cy is a world of what you can do with food, how I can help you showcase your food, develop your menus and even shoot the shots that will impress your consumers – the vision is to ‘capture what is meant to be consumed’.

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