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Popcorn….. The healthy snack

March 5, 2015

Popcorn is,as we know,made by roasting dried kernels of maize (Zea Mays Everta) with any fat. As the maize heats, the starch inside swells and bursts forth from the kernel’s outer skin. Popcorn’s early use has been traced across South America, and it seems that popping maize kernels was a key element in some of the ceremonies of C16th Aztec Indians. Only in 1893 did Charles C. Cretors develop the world’s first mobile popcorn machine, making the bulk manufacture of the snack a reality. Now as we know ordering popcorn at the cinema presents a dilemma. Sweet popcorn alone can become sickly, and salted popcorn alone can cause unwelcome dehydration. The ideal solution, therefore, is to order both kinds and as research suggests that the best method is to have the lower half of the carton with the sweet and the top half to be salted, personally I’m all for salt and a extra large soft drink.

Then the only drama is the roasted skins that get caught in your teeth!!!

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