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February 12, 2015

Needless to say,many of these things are found in food other than chocolate without the high levels of sugar and saturated fat……. but only a boring person would care about any of that jibber jabber,so lets look at one mans’ (and every woman’s) urge for that cold crack of indulgence that is CHOCOLATE!!!

Chocolate is high in antioxidants and natural chemicals that help to protect against diseases such as cancer and heart disease.

It has nearly twice the antioxidants found in red wine and nearly three times the amount found in green tea.

It is high in flavonoids,which can raise the level of the ‘good’ cholesterol.

It reduces the risk of blood clotting.

It protects against stress on the heart.

It relaxes the blood vessels,having a similar effect to mild aspirin and a better effect than red wine.

It contains iron and magnesium….and caffeine,

And more importantly a whole heap of¬†phenylethylamine which is a ‘feel good’ chemical that cheers you the hell up after a crappy day!!….. So my friends go run to your local store and purchase a large bar of goodness for the weekend is coming and you deserve it!!!!

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